Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2nd Surgery

Surgery was scheduled this morning at 6:30 A.M. so we had to be at the Surgery Center by 5:30 for check-in.  Dr. Larsen said he needed to remove the screws in my little toes on each foot.  The heads of the screws were sticking up causing me discomfort so they had to go.

This time the after surgery recovery was quicker.  I was home by 9:45 a.m.  Now I am on the couch working on my notebook computer and reading my new ebook, "Don't Blink" by James Patterson.

I am confused, though.  My take home instructions were to keep my bandages on until my next appointment with Dr. Larsen, on Monday, January 3rd, 2011.  But, according to my husband, Dr. Larsen told him that I would be in my shoes by this Friday, Dec. 31. (New Years Eve)  I think I will call the Drs. office and ask which one I need to follow.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

4 week checkup

Still not able to drive because I can't fit into any shoes.  Dr. Larsen noticed my feet were swollen quit a bit.  I told him my husband and I were out alot on Sunday.  I sang at church, we went out to breakfast after that, went to the mall so I could buy some shorter slacks for work since I will be in a flat shoe for awhile, then went to Sam's Club.
Luckily I was able to get one of those motorized shopping carts.   I sat down on the seat, turned on the motor, thought I knew what I was doing, and promtly ran into the concrete wall.  How embarrassing. 

Dr. Larsen told me to stay off my feet as much as possible because I have 3 broken bones in each foot and they need 6 to 8 weeks to heal depending on whether I stay off of them or not.  He said I could possibly wear a tennis shoe if I wanted to drive the car if I needed to go somewhere.  I tried to put on my tennis shoe when I got home but I think I need a whole size larger shoe. Oh well, back to laying around.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nov 9, 2010

I thought I would post a photo of my feet 3 1/2 weeks after surgery.  I think I am doing quit well for only a few weeks.   After I shower I must wrap my incisions with tape as tightly as I can stand it.  I use one of my crutches to stable myself in the shower but I don't need them to walk anymore.  I am still wearing my Darco sandals but will try to wear regular flat shoes, maybe tomorrow, for a few hours to see how it goes.

I am so glad I had surgery on both of my feet at the same time.  I can't imagine laying around for another 6 to 8 weeks if I only had one done at a time.  My husband is getting a little tired of doing everything around the house but it won't be much longer.  I need to get to the office to catch up on my paperwork that I can't do at home.  But, all in good time.  I am starting to enjoy being at home as I am feeling stronger.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, Nov. 8th

Today was a weird day.  The time change always messes me up.  I got up at 9 a.m.  Took a shower and got dressed, read the paper, ate lunch.  Returned phone messages and emails, and took a 1 hour nap before Norm came home at 5:30.  I called a friend to pick me up to play our monthly bridge game at another's home.  I was wondering how it would go.  I took two Advils before I started playing.  At about 1 hour my feet strated to throb.  I found a chair to put my feet up on so I could make it until 10 when we would stop playing.  I am exhausted and ready for bed.  I can't believe how tired I get but at least I got to go out of the house today.  I am getting a little stronger every day.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, Nov. 5, 2010

Today is my youngest son and daughter-in-laws wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary Brad and Carissa!

All my days have been melding together.  I get up, eat something, and try to make the best of each day.
I have to ask for favors from my friends.  For example, I can't drive to bible study so I asked the leader if she would bring the dvd's to my house so I could catch up.  Thank you Lisa for doing that and baking banana nut bread and bringing it and a candle with you.  We are studying Faithful, Abundant True by Kay Arther, Priscilla Shirer, and Beth Moore.  It is a great study about discernment.  And remember, All scripture in inspired by God.

I had 3 friends over on Wed. so we could play bridge.  Sitting for 3 1/2 hours took its toll on my feet and they were pretty swollen by nighttime.  I went to bed early that night and didn't get up too early on Thursday.  I will try it again next Wed.  I have to be around people.  We aren't meant to be alone.

I will say that the longer I stay in bed the more I hate watching TV.  I started playing my guitar again and trying to learn new music for my church band I am in and new ways to play songs by searching  There are some wonderful teachers online.  I will go to church on Sunday and sing songs with my group but not attempt standing and playing my guitar.  Not there yet.  In fact, I will have to sit to sing.  But it is well worth it.  I love it.  God bless our band.

I will show one house tomorrow morning at 10.  Norm will have to drive me there.  The Huskers play in the afternoon. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oct. 27, 2010 9 days after surgery

I heard the phone ringing at 9 and heard my friend, Pat, on the other end.  She wanted to stop by to see me and bring over some treats before she left town to visit her mom. 

I decided not to take any pain pills today during the day.  One of my sellers called and wanted to meet with me this afternoon at 3:30.  I told her she would have to come to my house since I couldn't drive which she agreed to do.  After lunch I took an Ibuprofen, washed my hair, put makeup on and got ready for my appointment.

I sat at my office chair and talked with her for 1 1/2 hours when my feet started to throb.  I am now laying on my bed with them propped on 3 pillows.  I think not taking pain pills is for the birds and will start up again tonight and use sparingly tomorrow. 

This will be a slow healing process I am afraid.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday one week after surgery

I got a call from one of my clients.  They wanted to see a house in St. Paul.  I said I would show it to them but I couldn't drive.  They said they would pick me up at my house and drive me there so we did it.  They liked it and are thinking about it.

We left at noon and didn't get back until 2 p.m.  I knew I overdid it. I ate lunch, did followup work on the showing, and watched TV the rest of the afternoon with my feet up trying to make them feel better.  My sister, Doris, stopped by after 5 to bring me a book to read, then some friends dropped by and brought dinner for us.

My feet have been hurting all evening.  I laid in bed and watched Dancing With The Stars and then returned email until 10.  It is now 10:45.  I took a pain pill and am ready for bed.  Tomorrow I will stay off my feet as much as I can.